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Dog Grooming Equipment For Your Professional Salon

There is a wide range of professional dog grooming equipment available and numerous equipment suppliers to choose from. Some pieces of grooming equipment are essential in any professional dog grooming salon, after you have acquired these, you can then start to consider what other items of equipment you may choose to add to your salon. So how do you chose the right dog grooming equipment and find the right equipment supplier? There are a few considerations that may narrow down the list of items to choose from, and this will naturally reduce the number of suppliers that you need to consider. After that, quality, availability and price should narrow your options further and make the buying decision fairly straightforward. You can't beat recommendation from those who have previous experience of trade suppliers, so take advice from your training provider and others who you may know in the trade.

Nail Clippers

You will need at least one pair of good quality dog nail clippers. For smaller dogs a small pair of clippers will suffice, but for larger breeds a more robust pair of nail clippers will be essential for ease of use and their clipping ability. A professional dog grooming salon should be equipped with both, but if money is a consideration, then what will work for the larger dogs will be able to cater for the small ones as well - so make sure that you have a large pair of nail clippers, at least. Look for clippers that come supplied with a cover and find a pair that wont rust.

Dog Grooming Scissors

Essential equipment for any dog groomer. Any type of scissors just won’t do! Cheap scissors (even some professional hairdressing scissors) are just not up to the job that you will want them to do, they can be uncomfortable, become loose and will blunt quickly. It is important to select the right kind of canine grooming scissors so that you get a precision cut and the dog’s coat isn’t caused to fray whilst you’re grooming. The quality of steel used for manufacturing is important to maintain sharpness and reduce the number of times the scissors need sharpening, as well as determining the useful life of the scissors. More than one pair is a necessity, as these will need to be sent away for professional sharpening from time to time. Try to chose a grooming equipment supplier who offers a full service, including a scissor repair and sharpening service through the mail. If you have any doubts, speak to your grooming trainer or other trade contacts for advice. You will often find grooming suppliers on trade stands at most all-breed championship dog shows throughout the UK (the majority of breeders /exhibitors will be pleased to tell you when and where these take place). One point to note is that both right-handed and left-handed grooming scissors are available - so ensure that you use scissors that are comfortable for you (you should be able to establish which best suits your needs during your dog grooming training course).

Grooming Combs and Brushes

A brush is a brush, right? …..and any kind of brush and comb will suffice, right?
Absolutely not!
You will need to use a range of canine grooming brushes and combs that are suitable for the cut and style on the breed of dog that you are grooming, as well as being suitable for the kind of coat and skin that the dog has. For example, a Yorkie with a fine coat would not be groomed with a wire paddle brush - this would give the dog great discomfort and potentially damage the skin. Some dogs have a thick undercoat, so an appropriate grooming brush for these dogs wouldn’t be suitable for those who have no undercoat at all or a fine coat. So, you will need to have a range of brushes and combs (pin brush and slicker brush will be essential) to utilise for the differing coats and styles that you will undertake. Your grooming school should advise on this and you will gain knowledge of the various items of grooming brushes and combs whilst you are undergoing the practical dog grooming training course. It is important to use the correct type of brush, suitable for the dog’s coat and skin, as well as for the style of grooming that you are doing. Most specialist equipment suppliers will be pleased to discuss your needs and give helpful advice on the best products for your grooming business.

Grooming Salon Drying Equipment

A drying cabinet is a godsend for any professional dog grooming service, and you will probably become used to this method of drying whilst undergoing your grooming training course. However, this is not the only option. Other professional equipment is available that gives you wider options for drying and grooming different breeds, apparatus for expelling water from the dog’s coat (blaster) and free standing dryers with a long drying nozzle (similar to a hairdryer). We recommend that a professional grooming service should be equipped with a drying cabinet for efficiency, but you may want to consider investing in at least one other alternative as well, to widen your options when grooming some dogs and as a fail-safe in the event that your drying cabinet were to break down.