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Become A Professional Dog Stylist/Groomer

Dog grooming (Dog Stylist) is a trade that will reward you in so many different aspects; you see the instant results for your work, you receive thanks for your achievements with people's pets, you can adopt a flexible working schedule, you get to be your own boss (should you wish to do so) and you receive the financial rewards reflective of a professional canine beautician for your work and efforts.  Put your love for animals, your skills and your artistic abilities together to create a career as a professional dog groomer.

Do You…

Have a desire to work with dogs?

Have an affinity and respect for animals?

Have a great deal of patience and understanding?

Have a willingness to work to achieve your personal goals?

Have an open mind to learning the skills of a dog stylist at a dog grooming school?

Have a desire to operate a dog grooming business, or even become a business owner?

Have a determination to achieve financial independence?

If you can answer ‘yes’ to the above questions, then you have the makings of a professional dog stylist and a dog grooming course from one of the UK dog grooming schools could be for you.

Dog Grooming As A Career

When professionally trained, a skilled dog groomer has many diverse career opportunities open to them, including working with vets, animal hospitals, pet shops, grooming salons, mobile dog groomer services, boarding kennels, animal shelters and, most popular, the ability to start your own dog grooming business.

Being a self-employed dog groomer/stylist gives you much more flexibility with your working hours, your working environment and the customer’s that you work for. There is an on-going demand for good dog grooming services in most areas of the UK, in a market that has shown consistent growth over the years, and is projected to continue to do so. You may also consider that the market is, to a great extent, resistant to fluctuations in the economy, as people will need to ensure that their pets are cared for in good or depressed economic circumstances.

Before deciding on a career as a dog groomer / dog stylist, give yourself a self-assessment – Do you have a great deal of patience, with both animals and people? Do you have a genuine love of dogs? Are you willing to learn and accept correction and constructive criticism? Are you in good health and willing to work long and often strenuous days? If you can answer these questions honestly to yourself, then you can form an opinion about your own suitability for a dog grooming course / business.

All you will need to commence your career in this rewarding field is a love of animals and the hands-on training provided by skilled, knowledgeable and qualified teaching professionals at a dog grooming school. Most dog groomer training courses are held with a small number of students to give an excellent student-teacher ratio – giving you the utmost time and attention to your training and education in the dog grooming business. You will learn to express your talents and skills through the practical work that you undertake, producing wonderful looking and well groomed dogs which will have an element of your own artistic taste, concluding in the gratification and pleasure experienced by the proud owner on completion of your canine beauty skills on their loved pet.

Your dog grooming course should include (at least) all of the basic elements of pet grooming for dogs, including brushing, combing, clipping nails, cleaning ears, bathing, drying, equipment techniques, clippers and scissor finishing techniques as well as the correct (breed standard) styling for various breeds of dogs. The grooming school's emphasis should always be towards the practical priorities of dog groomer styling and perfecting the skills needed on a ‘hands-on’ basis. The dog grooming course should also cover the necessities of skeletal construction, correct handling, specialist ‘show ring’ grooming, basic health checks and good husbandry advice.






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