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Do you enjoy working with dogs?  Do you have a desire to start your own dog grooming business?  Are you prepared to attend a course to learn the skills needed to become a professional dog groomer?

A Dog Grooming Training Course at one of the UK's dog grooming schools could be for you.

The professional dog grooming industry today is about far more than just a quick wash and brush up! There are many more varieties of dog breeds that require grooming in the UK than ever before. Each of these breeds have their own styles and requirements and a dog grooming training course will give you the skills to address each of them as a professional dog groomer.

When you have the right training and skills from a qualified professional grooming tutor, by attending lessons at one of the UK's grooming training schools, you will be able to create the finest of trims and appearances to a wide range of dog breeds. Grooming normally includes ear checking and cleaning, teeth care, nail trimming and styling the dog's coat to create an impressive appearance.

The dog grooming business has grown significantly over recent years and is projected for further growth (estimated at 10% market increase) over the next five years. This means that your canine beauty business should be relatively quick to become established as you're entering a growing market. The business should be in a healthy position for projected year-on-year growth in future years, provided you maintain good professional grooming standards and a quality image. Put simply, more and more people own more and more pets. The figures show continued growth, both in terms of numbers of pets owned and amounts spent on pets. ("Last year, British pet owners spent a staggering £11.23bn on cats and dogs alone, according to Sainsbury's Bank…… there's little evidence to suggest any imminent cooling of Britain's current pet shopping boom.")

Learn to Groom Dogs!

The vital part of starting a dog grooming business is learning how to correctly groom and style dogs. Although that sounds like stating the obvious, it's surprising how many people think that because they like brushing their pet in front of the television they can also run a dog grooming business. You can turn your love for dogs into a rewarding career if you undergo the correct training and learn the necessary skills from a professionally operated training course.

In order to run a grooming business you need to be familiar with more than just a couple of clips for a particular breed of dog. You must be familiar with the grooming needs of dozens of breeds of dogs. In addition, you must be able to determine which kind of shampoo and cut/style best serves the needs of any 'mixed breed' dog with easy interim maintenance for the pet owner. For these reasons, you should look for a reputable brick-and-mortar dog grooming school at which you can get both theory and hands-on practical experience from the course. Most schools have dog grooming courses of study that last for a number of weeks and many can offer full or part time attendance, leading to a Diploma or Certificate in Dog Grooming. In addition, these schools often provide details of the equipment you may need as part of your education and may be able to provide you with the name of quality suppliers - with whom they may have made discount or advantageous pricing arrangements.

Grooming dogs can be an enjoyable career. Do your research into dog grooming courses and take the time to attend dog grooming lessons on a quality grooming course, operated by qualified grooming and teaching professionals - and it will be a good investment and an enjoyable career for many years to come. 

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